Switchbacks- Iron Mountain/Peter Norbeck Byway


Now, this is why I ride! Got to love the sharp turns and switchbacks on Iron Mountain and the Peter Norbeck Scenic Byway. Great roads to ride your motorcycle.

The switchbacks are fun and the reality is it can be handled easily just by slowing down. However, if you have little riding experience, then I don’t recommend it. My only issue with the switchbacks are that the sudden elevation changes meant first gear was to low for my Honda Motorcycle VTX 1800, and second gear was to high. I ended up just keeping it second and squeezing the clutch a little more. Regardless, I wasn’t there to scrape the floorboards and truth be told, I didn’t come across anyone riding stupid either, but I did on the Dragon’s Tail. Plenty of You Tube videos to prove that as well. Because there were more motorcycles than usual, it sometimes distract from your ride when you have to be paying attention to the motorcycle coming from the opposite lane. However, though the roads were designed to purposefully make you ride slow, so I didn’t come across anyone speeding and that includes for the cars as well.

Make sure this road is on your “bucket list.”

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