Surveillance Video from Twin Peaks Waco Biker Shooting Leaked

waco twin peaks, waco texas

CNN has released video evidence yesterday of the Twin Peaks shootout. Sgt. Patrick Swanton made it clear that the Waco Police Department did not release the video, but speculates it was most likely done by an attorney during the discovery process. Sgt. Swanton was quick to point out that the video was not released by the Prosecutors office (not sure how he could know that for sure), which leaves only the defense attorneys.

The video shows the chaos that ensues once shots are fired. The video shows only what occurred inside the restaurant, not the parking lot. What is clear from the video is that the Cossacks MC was seeking cover, not preparing for violence.

One thing is for sure, you cannot get 178 convictions based on “RICO” or “organized crime” with that video.

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