Surprised? Waco Biker Shooting Update

protest twin peaks waco shooting

With more than a year gone by since the infamous shootout between law enforcement and the motorcycle clubs, the grand jury will not proceed with an indictment of at least three police officers that were on scene.

The cases against the bikers remains pending and not much has been learned since then since the investigation is on-going. I have criticized the grand jury in prior blogs as well as the legal community. Of course, the grand jury is a powerful tool, but for the state attorney/prosecutors office.

Sergeant Swanton from the Waco Police Department released the following statement: “We have completed an exhaustive internal investigation on the officer-involved portion of the incident, which was reviewed by the Texas Rangers. The three officers have been cleared by the investigation, and the action of the Grand Jury affirms those findings.”

I’m sure you never would have guessed that happening.

MC Atty

Follow this link for the Department of Justice’s study on grand juries.

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