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Photo is from an accident at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally 2015

Updated 8/17/17

Unfortunately, local law enforcement during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally keeps a tally known as the “rally tally” to inform the general public regarding statistics on arrests and motorcycle accidents during the world famous biker rally.

This week, the second and third fatalities occurred. With the third fatality, it was two motorcycles crashing into a vehicle. One rider, a female, age fifty, passed away. The other rider, a forty-eight year old man, is currently in the hospital seriously injured.

Oddly enough, this year it is said that the number of attendees at the rally has decreased substantially, yet, when it comes to accidents and arrests, the numbers are up.

At this same time versus last year, there has been forty-one crashes versus twenty-eight crashes from the previous year.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrests has increased from ninety-one the previous year, to ninety-four this year.

However, felony drug arrests last year were at twenty-seven, this year at twenty-one so far.

Unfortunately, a quick review on the facts of some of the accidents go back to my original post on rider error. I did see one accident was caused by a driver failing to slow down for a curve, causing the motorcycle rider from the opposite lane to go off the road in order to avoid a head-on collision. Another accident involved three motorcycles crashing into a deer. But, the rest seemed to be rider error.

Typical of accidents is motorcycles following to closely. One motorcycle slowed down at a curve and was rear ended by another motorcycle. And it seems other accidents involved the motorcycle rider hitting the curve too fast and losing control.

Again, as I posted in my prior blog- those turns come up on you fast. Ride slow. Ride the speed limit and you will be fine. And for those inexperienced riders hitting the curve, go below the speed limit!

Here is a link to my first post on safety tips on riding during the rally.

This is the second post on safety and Sturgis.

***I have since updated this blog as since I wrote it, two more motorcyclists died, having the total at six.



  • Eight motorcyclists died
  • Sixty-eight were injured which is eighteen more than the previous year.
  • One hundred sixty-one were arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), which is twenty-six less than year before.
  • Forty-six felony arrests.
  • update- ┬áNine men were also arrested in an undercover sex sting operation.


Be safe.

MC Atty

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