Sturgis Motorcycle Museum in Heritage Hill

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So what would you give up to ride the Easy Rider chopper?

The Sturgis Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame was established in 2001. While I’ve been to Sturgis twice, I’ve yet to visit the museum, but that’s my fault since I tend to just want to ride, especially in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. But next time, which I plan to be in the summer of 2018, I will have a second location to visit and it is likely that the new location will be opened within the next couple of years.

Main Street & Heritage Hill

The original location is on Main Street, but the second location will be in Heritage Hill thanks to a generous donation of land by Scott Peterson Motors Sturgis. The Heritage Hill location will be larger and offer a motorcycle collection pre-1938, plus space for events and meetings, a cafe and even a dog park.

While I have never done a virtual ride, both locations will offer it. The Main Street location already has a virtual ride through Main Street as the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is taking place, while the second location, or Heritage Hill, will offer rides to Mount Rushmore, Devils Tower and the Black Hills.

Motorcycle movies and documentaries will be shown during regular operating hours and current movies may be shown after hours. The intent is to get visitors to stay longer at the Heritage Hill location, thus, that’s why the plans include plenty of parking for cars and rv’s, something not possible with the Main Street location.

The Main Street location which is a converted post office, is too small and has outgrown itself. In reality, that’s why I never visited. There didn’t seem like there was much to do.


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