Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Countdown

So the countdown app on my phone reads 63 days, 22 hours, 48 minutes until I leave for Sturgis. Baam! I went in 2012 and I wasn’t expecting to go back for a long time; it’s not easy getting there from Miami. However,  Anny kept telling me she wanted to go.

“We will go under one condition; I ride every single mile to and from.”

“That’s fine with me,”she replied without hesitation.

You don’t have to twist my arm! Which reminds me, it was funny when bikers would ask if I towed my bike and then proceed to crack a joke. I simply replied with: “in September is the Poker Run in Key West, see you there.” They always walked away grumbling.

Anyway, in 2012, short on time, I had to tow my bike 2,000 miles. I left on a Friday and picked up my friend in Jacksonville. We spent the night somewhere in Tennessee and the next day somewhere in Nebraska. We left the truck & trailer at a storage facility and from there rode to Torrington, Wyoming, and finally Spearfish Canyon. I’ve done some great rides and trips in my life, but nothing compares to that trip. Maybe it was the anticipation since at sometime around the age of 35, I had promised myself that when I turned 40 years old, I would visit South Dakota on a new bike; and I did. I traded in my Goldwing for my current VTX 1800. After that trip, I promised myself at 50 I would have another Goldwing and ride to and from Sturgis, which is close to 7,000 miles for me. I’m 43 years old, Anny wants to go, why wait another year?

The other day I was looking at a notebook I have with the designated route and stops with information on hotels, dealerships, places of interest, etc… but as I get closer and closer to kick stands up, I think I’ll be throwing caution to the wind and just ride. There are some places I do wish to visit, for example, I always wanted to visit the French Quarter on my motorcycle, Route 66 of course, but why limit myself to any designated map. I’m giving myself 10 days to get there, so even a wrong turn won’t be the end of the world, plus, I will have my smartphone with me and a gps, which is all we need these days. I even decided instead of taking a lot of clothes, I’ll buy t-shirts wherever I stop, and a couple of days later, mail the t-shirts home and buy another t-shirt. It’s better than having the same clothes on for a every photo for the next 21 days.

What I haven’t decided if I should “rough it out.” I always believed the perfect motorcycle trip should include camping, but, I’m not into camping and everyone discourages me from doing it. I’ll probably give it a shot regardless, I don’t want to regret it later.

Have fun, ride safe, take lots of pics, and see you at Sturgis!

MC Atty

Sturgis motorcycle rally, motorcycle roads wyoming
My friend’s Harley and my Honda VTX, stopping for a quick pic in Wyoming.

A quick stop on the way to Deadwood

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
Picture taken on the way to Deadwood.


Since I was a child, I wanted to visit Mt. Rushmore. When I saw it from a distance, I teared up immediately.

Mount Rushmore SD, motorcycle travel, travel blog
Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. Nothing like it!

I hope they get the funding to finish Crazy Horse. Visit first Mount Rushmore, then Crazy Horse so you can appreciate its size.

crazy horse, south dakota, motorcycle travel
Crazy Horse Memorial

While riding through Custer National Park, I came across this donkey. I had to stop!

wildlife custer park
I never expected to encounter friendly donkeys in Custer State Park.

Any close encounters lately?

devils tower wyoming
This picture was taken in a parking lot outside the park. You can go inside the park was well for a upclose view. There’s also a paved walking trail on Devils Tower

No one at the Buffalo Chip a week early, lol!! But that’s fine, we went to ride, not party!

Buffalo Chip Backgrounds
The rally wasn’t for another week, so we were able to enjoy the grounds at the legendary Buffalo Chip.

Somewhere in Nebraska

law offices, attorney, honda motorcycles
How can I not take a photo of a law office in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska























3 thoughts on “Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Countdown

  • May 24, 2015 at 3:42 am

    Jorge, we were trying to use our cell phones a month ago on Snake Road to take pics/videos, we couldn’t, it was so hot the camera/cell phone was overheating.

  • May 23, 2015 at 1:29 am

    That’s was a fantastic trips,, love all pictures.. I would like to make this trips as photographer,, The photographer are different than the bikers because is more better be in the spot at early morning or late afternoon to capture the best of light… some day I will..
    thank you my friend it is great,,,

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