St. Louis (Day 20)

St. Louis, Missouri
Historic Riverfront in St. Louis

After leaving Mark Twain State Park, it was time to ride my motorcycle through St. Louis. I didn’t get to spend the day or night since it was only about one hundred miles from the site, so I had to keep on riding. But it was cool to see the iconic Arch and ride through the cobblestone streets of the Historic Downtown Riverfront.

Riding to St. Louis, however, was not a fun ride. After leaving St. Louis, I chose the back roads because the cagers drove aggressively. Always listen to your instincts.

With a major storm coming, home would be Mount Vernon. Always remember to check the weather at your stops because you don’t want to be stuck under a bridge or gas station for hours waiting for a storm to pass on through. The storm that night in Mount Vernon left several inches of rain in the area. That would have been a disaster at any campsite.

MC Atty

Click here for photos of St. Louis and video of riding through the historic riverfront.


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