Sport Bikes Riding the Strip Leesburg Bike Fest

045 A REAL Crotch Rocket at Leesburg Bike Fest-L


Without a doubt, the motorcycles that get the most attention when riding the strip anywhere are the sport bikes. I’m not into sport bikes but when I hear one on the strip, I’m the first one looking. When they rev their engines, that is the sound of pure speed.

While those on cruisers are proud of their custom work, some of the paint jobs and custom work on speed bikes are nothing short of outrageous. You have to look twice and just admire the time, money, and energy spent to make such beautiful bike. Even those like me that I have always enjoyed cruisers, sometimes you come across those crotch rocketsĀ at a bike week and that just makes you say wow!


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Leesburg The Strip (II) Leesburg Bikefest Florida

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