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Space Coast Harley Davidson in beautiful Cocoa Beach, Florida

My last blog dealt with the unfortunate situation after being excited about riding on Sunday, my ignition locked on my Harley Davidson 2015 Street Glide. With a little twist here and a turn there, we finally got the ignition unlocked, but now we had a new problem; the motorcycle would not turn on.

I was riding with a great friend and brother, Tony, who has been talking wonders about Space Coast Harley Davidson. He purchased his CVO there recently, as well as another brother of mine. Both of them would continue to tell me how great this Harley Davidson dealer is. Then, in our MSAR Facebook Group Page, it was mentioned, and sure enough, a few more commented and agreed they are great over there. Well, the dealership is about 180 miles from us here in Miami, but I was finding out that many people I know take their motorcycle there for service. As a matter of fact, my brother Tony did a ride out there about a month ago just for fun, but I couldn’t make it.


Well, the motorcycle isn’t starting so Tony says “I’ll get Space Coast Harley Davidson to come pick up the motorcycle.”

It’s a Sunday, around noon, after a long Thanksgiving weekend. “Yeah, good luck,” was my response.

Immediately, he’s on the phone with the manager, also named Tony, and says they have their truck in Miami picking up other motorcycles, and that they will pick up mine. Sure enough, like clockwork, Lucas, the driver, was there at 5 p.m. like he promised.

The next day I spoke to Tony the manager and told him what’s wrong with the motorcycle. He then hands the phone to Dave the mechanic working on my motorcycle. After telling Dave what happened with the motorcycle, I advised him I was due for the 15,000 mile service, but that I did change the oil, replace the battery, and flushed the front brake lines a month earlier. If anything else was needed, I gave him the go ahead to work on it on based on his discretion.

A few minutes later, I received a text message from Tony with his contact information and a link to the dealership’s website. I don’t know about you, but managers are hard to find. Usually, when you ask for one, you are told they are at a meeting, no matter what time of day you call. I always wanted to be a manager because it seems to me they get paid to be at meetings all day. With Tony however, he’s always accessible.


The next day Dave calls me and confirmed it was a factory issue and that my motorcycle would be delivered the following day. And guess what, they are so honest over there that they said no further maintenance had to be done on the motorcycle. They did run diagnostics and upgraded/download the radio.

Like you, I’ve dealt with many dealerships whether buying a car or motorcycle. Even more so now because of our Turkey Ride, but I’ve never dealt with nor have I been treated as special as I was with Space Coast Harley Davidson. I was treated like we have a long standing relationship and were friends, but that is how they treat everyone.

My friends kept telling me they are different, and you know what, they are! Their slogan is “we go the extra mile.” That is a major understatement! In my case, they went the extra 360 miles!

Whether you are buying a new/used motorcycle, or just need some maintenance done, go to Space Coast Harley Davidson. They’ll even come pick up your motorcycle and save you the aggravation of having to miss time off from work. Also, make sure to check the calendar on their site, they always have rides and events going on.

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