South Dakota to Nebraska

Merritt state park, camping trips
You will need to travel a few miles into the park to reach the campsites

Riding out from the Badlands National Park, we continued south to Nebraska, somewhat of a short day at two hundred fifty-one miles, bringing the total to 3,725 miles. The funny if not insane part of this ride was that I took back roads all the way to Merritt which is where the kamikaze birds live. Huh?

As I was enjoying my solitary motorcycle ride, hundreds of birds for an endless amount of miles kept flying at me, sometimes nicking my helmet or the windshield. I had never experienced anything like it before.

Other than that weird occurrence and having to ride for miles in the crouched position, all is well. Our next stop would be Merritt State Park.

Have fun and be on the lookout for kamikaze birds.

MC Atty






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