Son’s of Anarchy Fans Get Ready for Mayans MC

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Sons of Anarchy and Mayans MC

I admit, I enjoyed watching Sons of Anarchy, maybe I was even obsessed with it. I thought it was entertaining as hell, and when I found out Kurt Sutter was working on a spinoff with the Mayans MC, I was glad because I figured it would also be a great series and only one he can create successfully. It would also help with the SOA withdraws I’m having.

The new series has not been without hiccups since recently Sutter decided to re-cast some members and even re-shoot scenes for the pilot. However, Sutter did comment on Twitter that the same happened with Sons of Anarchy. I actually give him credit for not rushing the project in order to perfect it.

I, like many, figured we would go back in time with the SOA series, back to when John Teller founded the club and he was married to Gemma, even though the SOA series did not leave any unanswered questions. Or, maybe even a post Jax Teller world.

The Mayans MC cast includes lead character Jorge Daniel Pardo (J.D.), who is a prospect known as EZ Reyes, that joins the club to seek revenge against the drug cartels for the murders of those close to him. His father is being played by legendary actor Edward James Olmos. However, no word yet if Olmos will stay on due to the recasting, but i can’t imagine him not included.

Sutter has also brought on as of late, Norberto Barba as executive producer and director while Sutter focuses on script writing. Originally, Sutter was also planning on directing.

Mayans MC will pick up where Sons of Anarchy left off.

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Mandatory Credit: Photo by Buchan/Variety/REX/Shutterstock Kurt Sutter FX ‘The Bastard Executioner’ panel at the Summer TCA Press Tour, Los Angeles, America – 07 Aug 2015

Can’t wait.

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Below is a video clip by Kurt Sutter when initially filming the pilot.

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