SMH….Abel Reyna and the Waco Biker Shootout

Waco twin peaks biker shooting, waco texas
District Attorney Abel Reyna


I guess to be in politics you need a combination of T-Rex size testicles and to be able to look at people with a straight face when you lie. Having an ego the size of Texas helps. I have one out of three, so I guess I’ll stick to writing.


Since the mistrial of Christopher Jacob Carrizal, chapter president of the Bandidos, all has been quiet in Waco. Since this all started, the only thing Waco has enjoyed is notoriety and at least a million plus in expenses just to get to the first trial. Beefed up security alone at the courthouse was approximately $400,000, but even if each case thereafter was reduced t0 $50,000 in security expenses, that’s still more than $7.7 million. I’m sure that’s enough to bankrupt Waco. At least there will be more gifts under the Christmas trees at the homes of the Waco Police Department employees thanks to all the overtime.


Think of the following:

  • The city of Waco will have to spend millions of dollars to prosecute the Bandidos and the Cossacks.
  • Civil rights lawsuits will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • No convictions to date, and if anything, the loss by the District Attorney’s Office sets them back. Back to what, hundred fifty-six more trials assuming there aren’t any other cases that end up in a mistrial.
  • District Attorney Reyna is possibly facing the following:
    • public corruption charges for selective prosecution
    • prosecutorial misconduct
    • cocaine use
    • an investigation by a Court of Inquiry for perjury
    • if Reyna gets convicted, every case his office ever prosecuted is subject to appeal


With all this pending, what do you do? Run for re-election! Yes, that’s right! Reyna has officially thrown his hat in the ring. The good news is that opponents on both sides of the aisle will have plenty to talk about. Meanwhile, Reyna who had zero prosecutorial experience before getting elected into office, is actually going to attempt to prosecute all these cases personally and run a campaign. Hey Waco, what could possibly go wrong?

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