Shake and Bake-Safety Tip

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Always be cautious of left turns!


The overwhelming amount of accidents, whether on a motorcycle or car, is caused by a car making a left turn. Usually, the car making the left-turn does not see you, whether their view is blocked by another car or the driver is simply distracted. Either way, I like to “shake & bake” to make myself for visible.

Depending on the situation, a car may not see you or the headlights for a multitude of reasons. When you shake/bake, basically a zig-zag movement when approaching intersections, more visibility is created. That is the reason I like to start the motorcycle riding classes with the “inline” which is cones in a straight line. I am trying to get the motorcycle rider to get used to moving their motorcycle side-to-side aggressively, whether to avoid debris on the road, an accident, or creating visibility.

The motion is simple enough; moving side-to-side within your lane so that the driver sees the movement of an object, in this case, the motorcycle or the headlight. It is simple enough when riding, much more difficult when you do it on the course.

Below is the video (if recorded from the front, the move shows how aggressive I am moving side-to-side, but from the POV of the motorcycle rider, it doesn’t seem like much of a movement at all).

I do this just about every time when I see a car is ready to turn left in front of me, or even the cars making a right hand turn in my lane. You never know if they see you or their line of sight is blocked for any reason, so, to be careful, I just “shake and bake.” My experience has always been this gets the attention of a driver better than honking a horn that may not hear.

Be safe.

MC Atty

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