Sex, Lies, and Videotape & the Twin Peaks Biker Shootout

sex lies and videotape cast
Movie poster of Sex Lies and Videotape

Waco Biker Shooting Update

From the beginning, I blogged that the cases involving the Twin Peaks Shootout would be based on gamesmanship and that the charges would not be dropped because the civil lawsuits would bankrupt corrupt Waco. Thus, the District Attorney’s Office is under pressure to win at all costs. At times I have referred to it as the game of law versus the practice of law.

The games being played are endless and already a travesty of the justice system. With the District Attorney’s Office on the losing end lately with motions filed for recusal of the judges, they needed a new plan of attack to apply psychological pressure to the bikers since the bikers have not backed down. Quite the opposite, the bikers keep taking it up a notch. Thus, the plan has to take a different angle; a personal one.

What, if anything, even among criminals is untouchable? Family. Remember the Godfather movies “this isn’t personal, this is business.” Well, this isn’t business, this is personal.


Paul Looney is Cody Ledbetter’s criminal defense attorney. Looney has filed a motion to disqualify the McLennan County District Attorney’s Office from prosecuting this case because of their “illegal and outrageous” conduct. What his attorney really wants to say is their disgusting behavior in releasing sensitive images through Discovery.

Images were released from Ledbetter’s confiscated cell phone of him and his wife having sex and as an act of revenge porn, released those images through the Discovery process. Offended yet?


Years ago I was representing an informant in a dissolution of marriage. I filed a motion to seal the court file and requested a hearing in a private/closed chambers. With a packed calendar, the judge had me and my client go in first, closing the courtroom. I explained the situation and of course, my motion was granted. In this case, if I were the state attorney, that is exactly what I would have done.


I would advise the court in a closed session of the evidence that I have in my possession is not relevant and extremely sensitive. I would request an order from the court requiring that the sensitive photos be deleted as well as all copies, or face sanctions from the court. Then again, I have legal and moral ethics, something that obviously D.A. Abel Reyna lacks. I guessed he skipped class the day that law and ethics was taught.

It’s obvious that I would need to leave my moral compass at the door if I were to get a job with the Waco District Attorney’s Office, because the extremely sensitive and private photos were copied more than 150 times and distributed to who knows how many hundreds of persons working the case. Since it is discovery, this also means that every defendant also received the photos. Add a few million dollars more to the civil lawsuit.
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