Second Twin Peaks Case Continued

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Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

With a jury ready to appear in court to complete questionnaires for jury selection scheduled for January 23rd, another case has now been delayed.

Bergman was the second case scheduled for trial in the Twin Peaks Shootings. I recently blogged about Bergman ready to proceed to trial. Bergman, a member of the Desgraciados MC, recently rejected a plea offer of one year probation.


District Attorney Michael Jarret and criminal defense attorney Clint Broden agreed to the six month continuance. The delay is based on a pending federal trial involving the Bandidos. The trial scheduled for next month, involves charges of federal racketeering of Bandidos President Jeff Pike and the former Vice-President John Portillo.

Evidence from the federal trial could be of use for the attorneys in the Twin Peaks cases.

Reyna, who has more lives than three cats, probably thanked his lucky stars since he is running for reelection in March and the last thing he needs is another loss in the Twin Peaks cases.

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