Scratch the Itch- Motorcycle Riding Season

motorcycle riding blue ridge mountains
How’s that for a beautiful road to ride your motorcycle

Fall has officially begun and I have an itch that no doctor can prescribe medication for; the itch to ride. I ride very little throughout the summer living in Miami. Fact is, summer for me would be like winter living somewhere else, meaning riding time is extremely limited if not, eliminated completed.

Last year I rode cross-country on the motorcycle and from Miami to New Mexico, the heat was unbearable. Six days of one hundred degree heat is not a fun ride. It is however, a great way to lose weight.

Locally, I also rarely schedule rides from May going forward because between the heat and the constant rain, rides get cancelled all the time. Plus, I worry about the group riding in the rain.

Yesterday, we drove to Ft. Pierce for a quick weekend getaway, which is about one hundred fifty miles away, and the storms were consistent to and from Miami. At night, more thunder and lightening as I went to sleep.

So summer rides have to be short and sweet. And of course, early morning because by 9 a.m.,it is already in the nineties with the intense humidity. Come afternoon, you are guaranteed rain. It’s like clockwork. Don’t forget, south Florida is swampland.

So now I am at that point that when I go outside on the terrace, I take off the cover on the bike, look at it, turn it on, sit on and get excited about the next ride, which happens to be Saturday of next week. Saying I look forward to it is an understatement, especially since the second I am done with this blog, I’m going to look for a new Mustang seat for my Harley Davidson Street Glide.

See you on the road.

MC Atty

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