San Marcos PD and the Bandidos MC

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San Marcos, Texas

Let’s suppose ten members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club come to my non-existent restaurant. They heard I have the coldest beer and best hamburgers around. As they start to file in, I introduce myself and say “hi guys. Thanks for coming. But one thing. You mind taking off your vest? Maybe leave it outside?”

“Sure, no problem.”

Now all the Bandidos step out, leave their vests on their motorcycles, and come back inside. They order the cold beer and the hamburger and they love it. Now you know what I have in my restaurant? Ten Badidos!

Let’s say it’s ten cops off-duty. Know what I have in my restaurant? Ten cops! It’s the same thing!

Now, the reality is, whether the Bandidos or any other MC, they aren’t going to take off their colors for anybody. Why should they? Whether cops or mechanics, or lawyers, they aren’t taking off their uniform or suits because someone says you have to, but then again, no one asks them too, either.

Of course, a private business is just that, private. We have all seen the signs, “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” Or, “we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” It’s your business, do whatever you want with it, I’m good with that. I just think the whole thing is silly.

For example, I’m told during Daytona Bike Week, clubs aren’t allowed to wear their colors inside certain establishments. I have seen that at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally personally. But, we all know why this is done; to keep the clubs out! I’m not even going to get into the issue of a false sense of security to business owners and whomever opposes clubs, nor will I get into the issue if it serves as a deterrent.

At the end of day, clubs can still ride their motorcycles down the street. They can still walk on the sidewalk. They can still hang out on the strip or Main Street whether Daytona or any other motorcycle rally. And since there are vendors in the parking lots and sidewalks, they can still buy that cold beer and juicy burger. So, what’s the difference?

But, if it only ended there. This is Life with Lisa Ling from CNN did a great piece on interviewing the Mongols, M.C. At some point while she was riding with them, police were pulling over members at random. No tickets were issued, no one was arrested. Just standard operating procedure. And most of us are already familiar with the issues of the Waco Texas Twin Peaks Shootout.

And then, there is this–

Now, I don’t know who placed the words/banners on the video, but he or she is 100% correct. While the stop was legal, detaining the biker, especially to take photos of his tattoos, is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. That biker, Kristopher Cody King, a member of the Escondidos MC, did file a civil rights violation lawsuit. I predict a new Harley Davidson motorcycle in his future.

Yesterday, I blogged that the Texas Department of Public Safety issued their gang threat assessment report that included the Bandidos Motorcycle Club. Then this news report comes out on the San Marcos Police Department.

Know your rights! What happened in Texas could happen anywhere and it could happen to you, whether or not you are in a club. Just look at the Twin Peaks shooting.

MC Atty

Follow the link below on the news report on San Marcos PD and the Bandidos MC.

Motorcycle group claims San Marcos PD is profiling riders

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