Russia’s Night Wolves Motorcycle Club

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Russia’s President Vladimir Putin riding a Harley Davidson trike with the Russian motorcycle club Night Wolves

I first blogged about the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club when I came across a documentary on the Kremlin connected MC.

This weekend the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club is holding their annual event in Crimea. RT or Russia Today, is documenting the event. Russia Today is a television network funded by the Russian government.

Their annual includes stunts performed on motocross bikes, concerts, and theatrics. This year’s theme focused on Russia’s last hundred years (1917-present). Among the thousands in attendance were also politicians including politicians from Germany, professional athletes as well as bikers traveling from Europe, Poland and Germany.

The Night Wolves motorcycle club is led by their President, Aleksandr Zaldostanov who is known as “the Surgeon” due to his background as a dental surgical assistant. Zaldostanov and the Night Wolves are closely associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin who has appeared at their events and as seen in the picture above, rode a Harley Davidson trike with the club. In prior years, as many as hundred thousand plus has attended the two day rally.

russia today
Putin visiting the Night Wolves

The Night Wolves are politically active to the point that the United States has sanctiond the club for their actions in Ukraine.

The video below was posted by RUPTLY television on their YouTube Channel.

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