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Two years ago today, a good friend of ours passed away from cancer; Peter Jorge. We became tight with Pete in a very short period of time and ultimately, I became his attorney. He asked me to write his will, which I did. Of course, I wrote a “typical will” which only meant he called me and asked “what is this shit? It’s depressing!

Brother, it’s a will. It’s not supposed to be sexy.”

Well, I changed the Will b/c he wanted everyone to have fun if he passed away. He wanted a ride scheduled and everyone to have a shot of Jack Daniels at his Memorial Ride. Well, I did just that and we had a great ride with hundreds of motorcycles riding in his memory. Prior to that, we had another large ride called the “Peter Jorge Kicking Cancer in the Ass Ride.” We collected several hundred dollars, if memory serves me correct, over $700.00, that we donated to Miami Children’s Hospital.


We were vacationing in St. Augustine when we got the call (I visited him the day before we left). I stepped outside onto the terrace and saw a full double rainbow that went from one side of sky to the other. I knew that was him. We cried. We then walked over to a bar and had a shot of Jack in his name just like he wanted. That day, all of our friends and his were posting pics of themselves taking shot of Jack as well. I will never forget that.

A year later, I rode cross country to Sturgis and buried his bracelet on Iron Mountain Road facing Mount Rushmore. We always spoke about doing that ride together, and you know what, we did. As a matter of fact, we rode all year together because I wrapped his bracelet around my handlebars and never removed it until I reached Sturgis. One day I will go back and look for the bracelet.

RIP brother. I think of you all the time. Hope you enjoyed riding Iron Mountain with me, handlebar-to-handlebar.

Below is a video when I buried his bracelet.

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