Riding Your Motorcycle During the Holidays

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It is a fact during the holidays, the driving gets worse. People are stressed out, they are in a rush, they are driving distracted, and all that could result in a tragedy. One of my most hated places to ride my motorcycle during this time of year is in a mall parking lot.

The cars back out in a hurry or may not look back to see who is coming since they are distracted with their cell phones, this, knowing that shoppers are walking around everywhere. Cars take the turn into the aisle of parked cars fast trying to secure that empty parking space they saw from the adjacent aisle. And the closer you get to the holidays, the worse it becomes.

During the day is the office party where too much eggnog has been flowing and at night, I think it is safe to say no one leaves an office or family Christmas party without a “buzz” if not worse.

This holiday, drivers, please be extra careful out there. Driving fast and erratic only increases your stress unnecessarily and the two minutes you save in driving time isn’t going to make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things. However, those two minutes could easily destroy your holiday season, your family’s, and a strangers as well.

Bikers, as always, remain vigilant. As we have all heard many times before, ride like you are invisible because unfortunately, we are way too many times. If possible, try to ride your motorcycle when there is less traffic and not during the mad rush of rush hour everyone seems to be in a rush.

Be safe, many blessings, and hope this is your best holiday season so far. Maybe Santa will give you a brand new motorcycle for Christmas.

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