Riding To Downtown Sturgis


Finally! Downtown Sturgis- where the world’s largest motorcycle rally takes place.

In 2012, I spent more time in Sturgis. The first night in Sturgis, we were a full week in advance of the rally, so there weren’t even vendors set up. We had a burger and beer at Side Hack Saloon which I recommend, and returned a couple of days later so that we can do the obligatory T-shirt shopping. In 2015, again I was in Sturgis a week before the rally, so I didn’t experience the insanity of the streets at night crowded with hundreds of thousands of bikers. Instead, I rode my motorcycle through with Anny close in tow. I’ve said many times before and that is what I was always told, if you are going to Sturgis, the question is simple: are you going to party or are you going to ride? I prefer to ride. I can party in Miami.

There is so much to see and do, that fact is, you never have enough time and that applies to wherever you visit; South Dakota even more so. Besides, I have always been of the opinion that if you have been to one motorcycle rally, you have been to them all.  The fact that I am also safety conscious means I’d rather not be riding at night between all the drinkers and the deer that hug the the side of the highway at night. Trust me, not even that rides knows how to ride. During my visit to South Dakota, I came across three motorcycle accidents where it not only looked like rider error, but rider inexperience as well.  Maybe one day I will party at night in Sturgis and watch a concert at the Buffalo Chip  just to say I did it.

Have fun and be safe.

MC Atty


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