Riding To Downtown Sturgis, South Dakota

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Sturgis SD
Downtown Sturgis South Dakota

Finally! I arrived at downtown Sturgis- home of the world’s largest motorcycle rally.

In 2012, I spent a week in Sturgis. The first night that we arrived, since we were a full week in advance of the rally, vendors were not even set up, so we had to return a few days later to purchase the obligatory T-Shirts.

Restaurants were open, so we had a burger and beer at the Side Hack Saloon which I recommend. Not only was the memorabilia inside the restaurant cool, but the burger was perfect.

In 2015, again I was in Sturgis a week before the rally, but, since it was the 75th Anniversary, there were plenty of bikers already there, but nothing when compared to the week of the rally.

I was able to ride my motorcycle through downtown without any traffic or delays. I’ve said many times before and that is what I was always told, if you are going to Sturgis, the question is simple: are you going to party or are you going to ride? I prefer to ride. I can party in Miami.

There is plenty to see and do when it comes to events, the rally, and roads to ride. Fact is you will never have enough time and that doesn’t include visiting Wyoming and Devils Tower.

I have always been of the opinion that if you have been to one motorcycle rally, you have been to them all. But, don’t get me wrong! Sturgis is a must for any bucket list.

One reason I tend to avoid rallies is because I’m safety conscious. I don’t enjoy riding at night surrounded by other riders that have been drinking all day, not to mention wildlife comes out at night.

During my visit to South Dakota, I came across three motorcycle accidents where it not only looked like rider error, but rider inexperience as well.  Maybe one day I will party at night in Sturgis and watch a concert at the Buffalo Chip Campgrounds just to say I did it, but I will most likely be staying at The Chip to avoid all these issues.

Have fun and be safe.

MC Atty


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