Riding Season is Here! Watch Out for Bikes!

nike missile silo, everglades national park
Photo taken by our friends at Fandangopictures.com.
It is once again that time of year that I enjoy the most and dread the most. In south Florida, as always, come October 1st, the temperate drops 10 plus degrees from one day to the next. In the morning, you can feel the difference with less humidity, lower temperatures, less rain, even a breeze. While summers are great, it is brutally hot, and most of us tend to ride on a limited basis during the summer.
On the first day of October, I already saw more bikes on the road. More people riding to/from work. The crowds on bike nights will get bigger now, and on the weekends you will see an endless amount of motorcycles out on the road. Even for this month, my group M.S.A.R., has a nice long ride scheduled for a pig roast event that occurs every year in Clewiston FL and we have an overnight stay scheduled at the end of the month in Fort Myers, FL. Unfortunately, the more riders on the road, the more the odds increase of accidents.
Other than Florida, all the other states that have year round riding weather will be the same with motorcycle activities, events, and rides. What this means is that car drivers have to be more vigilant now, there are more of us out there.
Be extra cautious during rush hour traffic. I know you are in a rush to get to work or home, but those extra five minutes you are trying to save could cost the life of a fellow biker.
Accidents never end with just a traffic ticket. A biker’s life may change forever, including that of his family. You can avoid all this by just being more cautious and aware of your surroundings. Put down your cell phone, don’t text and drive, distracted driving rarely ends well.
Bikers, please continue to be careful. Limit your drinking, speeding, and any other reckless behavior such as playing with your cell phone to take pics while you are riding. As it is taught all the time: ride as if you are invisible, because you are at times. 
Be safe, enjoy the riding season.
MC Atty

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