ATV Riding On the Highway

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I was driving home on a Saturday afternoon after a few hours at the office. On the highway, Palmetto southbound, I see someone riding an ATV on the highway. There is no logic or explanation to this other than he is lucky he didn’t kill himself or there was a police officer in the area.

Years ago, as I was riding my Honda Goldwing motorcycle, as I neared the on-ramp, a blur speeds by me. I look through my mirrors and see about 15-20 atvs coming up fast on me. I remained calm in the center of the lane, but they were riding past me from both sides within a foot of me. Luckily, nothing happened, but they proceeded to all jump on the highway at speeds in excess of 100 miles per hour. They rode northbound, then rode through the grass/swale area that divides the north and south bound lanes, then rode southbound.

It seems over the years riding and creating havoc in the streets on an atv/dirt bike is becoming popular. In Miami, every year on Martin Luther King day, we deal with “bikes up and guns down.” Besides the fact that riding an atv on the roadways is illegal, they are riding recklessly. “Bikes Up/Guns Down” results in injuries, deaths, arrests, and impounding of atvs/dirt bikes every year.



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