Rhode Island Police Wiretaps on the Pagans MC

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Rhode Island Police recently had their largest bust of outlaw motorcycle gangs, focusing on the Pagans Motorcycle Club. The police sting was known as Operation Patched Out.

Now, according to court documents, the Rhode Island State Police wiretapped phones for as much as one year.

So far, Rhode Island Police have arrested fifty-seven people, including Deric “Tuna” McGuire who is believed to be the leader of the Rhode Island chapter of the Pagans. McGuire has been charged with two hundred twenty counts ranging from drugs to firearms. McGuire is being held without bail.

Released Court Filings

As part of the evidence released in court files, is more than 1,200 pages with hundreds of pages worth of transcripts of phone calls between McGuire and Kevin “Conan” Richter, another member of the Pagans in New Jersey.

In their affidavits, police allege that McGuire used seven different cell phones under several aliases such as Donald Trump, Bruce Wayne and Hillary Clinton.

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