Ready or Not…. Wait- What Do I Wear?

A friend once told me “as it is written, it shall be done.” I’ve reached the point of no return. In exactly 1 day, 22 hours, 53 minutes, I leave on a three week motorcycle trip.  This will be my last blog from the comfy confines of my home and/or office until I return. Blogging will soon be from my tent.

Lot’s of planning and preparation was required just to get to this point, including a last minute purchase of a webcam to install inside the house to keep an eye on my mom. But, as a friend of mine with a degrees in electrical engineering once told me, all the planning in the world doesn’t prepare you for the “x” factor. I guess a fancy way of saying Murphy’s Law.

The adventure that awaits is not only exciting, but nerve racking. Exciting because I remember the thrill of being in Sturgis in 2012, so far away from home on my motorcycle. Nerve racking because I’m leaving behind my routine of a busy law practice to ride and camp across the country. Not to mention 3 weeks is the longest I’ve ever been gone. I’ve never missed more than 5 work days. With everything good to go, I had only one important question: what do I wear?

Yes, I’m aware of what that last sentence looks like, but, let me explain. As I have gotten older, like most people, certain things lose your interest and other things gain your interest. For example, material things are of no importance to me anymore. I still work hard, I still enjoy a decent income, but buying “things” with money doesn’t interest me. Now, when I make a purchase I think, “I could have spent a night or two here or there with what I just spent.” Now, I like to invest my money in “memories.”  Because of my first trip to Sturgis, I knew I had to make more time for fun and less for the office. I still put in on average 12 hour days, but I travel much much more. Why work hard if you aren’t enjoying the fruits of your labor? And because material things are of little importance to me now, I now cherish things that hold zero monetary value but carry with it millions of memories.

A few months ago I purchased new riding gloves. I seriously fought hard the notion of having to replace my old gloves. My gloves had 40,000 miles on them. Way too many memories. When I bought my new ones, I kept the old ones because I couldn’t bring myself to throwing them away. Ultimately, I just put them away. Have I looked at my gloves since? No. Did I put them in a shadow box? No. But, one day I will be going through a box and ask myself what is this? In that precise moment I will figure it out and my mind will be flooded with thousands of memories.

For Sturgis in 2012, I specifically bought a pair of jeans and a pair of cargo pants for that trip. After my motorcycle trip, I wore those pants all the time for the next few years, up to and including present day. I joke that whomever looks at my pictures from 2012 onward, will think either I don’t have any other clothes, or I have been on a 3 year motorcycle trip. But like my gloves, I have become attached to them.

Anny kept telling me you have to take the same pants. I fought hard the idea but, I finally gave in. For me, those pants symbolize so much more than something to wear. Those pants initiated a personal journey for me. For one, I was wearing those pants when I made the decision it was time to lower it a couple of notches with work and enjoy myself a little bit more. I was wearing those pants when I decided to create a M.S.A.R. I was wearing those pants the first time I took Anny for a ride on my bike.

It’s been too many miles and memories since September 2012 to retire my pants. I’m keeping them for a while. Let’s see how many more journeys those pants can be a part of.

See you in Sturgis.

MC Atty


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