R.I.P.- Nashville Bike Week

nashville bike week cancelled
Nashville Bike Week 2017


That lone sound of a bugle being played is TAPS. For all intent and purposes, it is time to pay your respects and accept the reality that Nashville Bike Week is dead. The walkers from The Walking Dead are more alive than the bike rally that was going to be “epic” and “shake the heavens.”

What are we left with now? Spam emails from a new location. Janelle Roberts in hiding. Updates on Mike Leffingwell’s court appearances. And dozens going over to the Scam Page now asking, after all this time, how do we get our money back. Sadly enough, it reminds me of clients that ignore my advice, then come see me six months later and get offended when I tell them the new fee is much higher.

But why,” they ask.

Because you have dug a bigger hole for yourself that now requires more work. Had you listen to me in the beginning, I could have stopped the bleeding with a Band-Aid. Now I have to build a dam.

In a prior blog, I wrote about the steps we all go through in dealing with situations in our lives. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross, famed psychologist came up with Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, & Acceptance.

Originally, Kubler Ross said the five stages were based on dealing with death, but as time went on, more and more psychologists applied those same stages to other situations. If you bought tickets to Nashville Bike Week, I’m sure you went through all those stages.


You couldn’t believe this event was not going to happen. You believed the constant barrage of lies told by Mike Axle, convicted felon and reputed scam artist. You ignored the pleas of many that was backed up with facts.


The most basic of human emotions that you no doubt felt. People blamed the “haters” of the Scam Page.


Maybe it will all work out at the Opry? Maybe Janelle Roberts can save this?


It is unlikely you were depressed from this, but there is no doubt you “felt the blues” or maybe felt “down in the dumps” for a while.


How do I get my money back?

you can lead a horse to water

I speak for myself, and myself only in what I am about to say- I retract my original post that as a member of the Dirty Dozen, I would contact everyone that received deposits and hopefully some out of the kindness of their hearts would issue some sort of financial refund to try to make everyone whole, or at least fractionally. After much thought and deliberation, that would subject me and us to the “real haters” coming after us more than they already have.

You all know the stories-

  • Bashed on social media.
  • Calls to our jobs to get us fired.
  • False police reports filed.
  • Photos of fake lawsuits sent to us via inbox.
  • Even a dildo sent via mail to one of the members’ homes. Imagine if he had a child, a daughter, that opened up that box and saw that disgusting gift sent by an even more disgusting man.

It is a fact that not even by the wildest expectations of anyone, did we expect $93,000+ in refunds thanks to the Scam Page. And that number keeps climbing. I’ve said it before; thousands of hours were devoted in getting this far. If you thought there was a lot of activity with Nashville Bike Week, you should have seen the behind-the-scenes with the Scam Page.

So, to all of you “Johnny come lately” types, I’m sorry, but it is what it is. I keep seeing the posts “we decided to…” I just don’t get it and at this point, I won’t waste my time trying to get it, because that was a constant battle on what it would take for us to open up your eyes.

So, instead of just posting “how do I get my money back,” how about you actually take the time to read what has been posted. We’ve done our homework, spent hours studying, for you to now expect us to give you all the answers as well. We did 99% of the work for you already. Please, take the time to at least put forth some effort.

And if in the future Mike Leffingwell finds a new patsy to go forward, do me, do us a favor, stay on your side of the fence.

MC Atty a.k.a. “El Fonzo,” a.k.a. “a hater”.


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