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Below are some of the communications that have taken place between Nashville Bike Week and the state of Tennessee. I didn’t post each one as there are too many. This was given to me by a concerned citizen. These requests are allowed under the Tennessee Open Records Act, Section 10-7-503. Request it as information for public records and not commercial purposes. You are entitled to this by law.


Contact Tenn. Department of Health and do your own investigation to answer whatever questions you may have. Here is the link to get you started. Request all applications as well. They will email you all the information. Some of you already have this information as I have seen posts on Facebook.

As of 3/17/2017- only 4600 tickets sold? Not 20,000!

tennessee department of health

Not sure why attorneys aren’t handling these legal issues/questions. The state won’t provide legal advise, as they are not attorneys and if they are, the represent the state, not NBW.

nashville bike week 2017

nashville bike week cancelled


Here he is being told by state to do an online search for his own food vendors. I remember just recently a post saying he already has the vendors.

nashville bike week 2017 cancelled

easily to verify which companies have been retained.

mike axle mike leffingwell

see below. On social media there has yet to be any pictures of construction, etc..

loretta lynn ranch

Can local residents confirm this? Also, per the law, that entire land has to be fenced in w/ 4 entrance/exit points.

mike leffingwell arrest

4600 tickets sold as of 3 weeks ago?

**also, Tenn Dept of Health cannot do anything about the law as it is written.

tennessee mass gathering permit

nashville bike week location


mike axle nashville bike week

tennessee motorcycle event

Any questions regarding obtaining public records, either call the agency directly or consult with a licensed attorney in the state of Tennessee. The information available on this site is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as legal advice.

Also, continue to visit regularly the Unofficial Nashville Bike Week Scam Page on Facebook that has up to date information and documentation.

MC Atty

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