Protect Us All (Gremlin Bells)

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There are many reasons why I can argue the position that when your hobby is motorcycle riding, it ain’t easy, but I will focus instead on the emotional side of this written thought.

I have written about and blogged numerous times on how friendly the motorcycle riding community is. And while motorcycle riding is a great way to meet new people, it also comes with a price.

Last November, a good friend that I met because of riding, died of cancer. After that, there were two deaths of motorcyclists as a result of accidents and while I did not know them, I knew well their friends and/or family. There were numerous accidents of course, some serious, some not. Untold, who knows how many accidents and deaths have occurred within the past year where I do not know the biker or his friends/family.


This past week I attended two funerals. The first funeral, I did not know the biker, but I know his parents. Yesterday’s funeral I knew not only the biker, but all his close friends and relatives. It was emotional to say the least, seeing so many of our friends and acquaintances gathered at the same place and time for all the wrong reasons.

A good friend of mine attended the funeral, yet, he never met the man. But that is typical of the biker culture, isn’t it? We are all part of the same thrill, same excitement, same desires and as a result, we are all friends. William Butler Yeats may have said it best: “there are no strangers here. Only friends I haven’t met yet.” Everyone was there, from the motorcycle clubs, independents, motorcycle associations, riding groups and the proverbial lone wolf (ves).


At one point, everyone rushed out to the parking lot of the funeral home when all the bikes cranked up and revved their engines. It was an emotional and a well deserved sign of love and respect by his fellow biker brothers and sisters. There was not a dry eye at the funeral home.

Throughout the day, week, month, and just as quickly years, we get caught up in the “little things.” Silly things that may upset us, take time away from not only our passion, but our friends, even ourselves. But, such is life and the motorcycle riding community is not a barrier to the ills of society or shortcomings of people. If anything, riding our bikes is our form of escapism and hence, the message I am trying to convey.

Ever since I became active in the motorcycle community, I am given the grim reminder way to often that life is short; but maybe that is the message the motorcycle gods are trying to convey to me and everyone else that rides. Every time I ride my bike, I tap my Gremlin bell and whisper “protect us all.”

Enjoy your life, loved ones, friends, and your passion of riding because the roads are too many and there is never enough time to ride them all. It is unlikely you will be on your deathbed wishing you spent less time riding.

Ride the heavens my friends. Until we meet again.

MC Atty

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  • December 2, 2015 at 5:19 pm

    Well said my brother.

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