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I bought a new gadget recently which I took with me to Leesburg and I definitely recommend; a solar powered charger. Manufactured by ALLPOWERS, I bought mine on Amazon.com for approximately $35.

Before, I use to travel with portable cell phone chargers. However, portable chargers will run out of electricity eventually and it will take several hours to recharge it. At times this became inconvenient since at the hotel I was more focused on charging my cell phone and I didn’t have a multi-port charger. Regardless, with a solar powered charger, you have an infinite supply of power.

In my prior post, I mentioned camping on my ride to Sturgis planned for later this year. Without a regular source of power, what other options exist? If you don’t have a built in gps system on your motorcycle or running power from your motorcycle battery, this is the best choice and the most practical. Factor in the affordability of the solar powered chargers and it’s hard to say no.

I do have a battery tender/pigtail connection inside my saddle bag that can also be used to charge my phone as well, but I have it more for the “what if” situation if I’m riding with someone and their battery or mine needs a jump. I’ll be writing a separate post on battery tenders.

The solar power charger can also be charged with electricity for a faster charge. Some even come with a carabiner attachment to hook on to your backpack or wherever else it is convenient.  I had mine held in place under the cargo net that wrapped around my travel bags.

We are so dependent on technology today, especially our cell phones, that this is a quick, easy, and affordable solution when riding, camping, golfing, going to the beach, or a picnic. Think of how important a solar power charger can be during hurricane season. Barely larger than my cell phone, there is no excuse not to have one.

Have a safe trip.

MC Atty

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