Part Deux- Nashville Bike Week

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Mike Leffingwell Arrested in a hotel in Kentucky


Ding Dong! As reported in the media and shared thousands and thousands of times throughout social media, Mike Leffingwell, aka Mike Axle, the promoter of Nashville Bike Week has been arrested in Bowling Green, Kentucky!

Of course, there are still some faithful groupies like his sister, Mindy Rowsey that remain more loyal than Branch Davidians, saying she will bond him out (he has non-bondable offenses). Then there are the naive ones on the page still supporting the virtual event or maybe they are just crazy. Of course, then there is the worst pick of the litter “the enablers.” They accept cash from Nashville Bike Week and promote the event, pretending they know nothing of what is going on, only legitimizing the event and causing people to lose thousand of dollars along the way. One in particular posted on the page “I like Mike.” Good luck getting your reputation back!


Within minutes of Mike Leffingwell’s arrest, comments were exploding on the Nashville Bike Week page, but with Uri Geller like powers, the negative comments were being deleted faster than two Harley Davidson motorcycles racing the quarter mile at Beech Bend Park. Or, a more plausible explanation is that Janelle Roberts is deleting away.


We know as of a few weeks ago, Janelle Roberts became the vice president of Nashville Bike Week. So when the Nashville Bike Week says “there are other organizers,” technically, that is true, but only as of a few weeks ago, and with Leffingwell’s arrest, it is “organizer” not “organizers.” Regardless on the play on words, if you have a burning desire to believe the “organizers” will make this happen, good luck. The organizers would be busy calling lawyers familiar with asset forefeiture, afraid that it may be Karokee night at the Warren County Jail in Kentucky. 

sing like a bird meme

So, now the burning question is if Janelle Roberts is going to make a go at it? Well, it seems that way, but the Arbonne representative has no experience running an event. She may be trying to legitimize this event because she has reached out to other(s), but who in their right mind would want anything to do with this? Or, does the scam continue? Will we see more of the same? Threats? Empty promises? Will she simply disappear, or will she be arrested.

She shouldn’t be using her Arbonne credit card merchant account to bill on behalf of NBW, but she is. And Mike Leffingwell has already proven to be a snitch since he called out other biker events in an email to the state, so, is he ready to sing like a bird and implicate Janelle Roberts just to knock off a few days off his sentences?  All I can say is here is your shovel. It’s not like I didn’t warn her.

On a side note, KARMA is playing out. Mike Leffingwell gets arrested, and Loretta Lynn’s Ranch makes an announcement that they are holding a motorcycle rally in September as well. That seems personal if you ask me. Then again, Mike posted numerous times that LLR owed him $50,000 and that he walked away from the Ranch, not that his checks were bouncing and that he was evicted. If the ranch is watching- contact me, I have some great ideas for the rally. Start with a “dummy board.” Maybe court orders against everyone that liked the Nashville Bike Week page. How about a Mike Axle/Leffingwell & Janelle Roberts look-alike-contest?

So, if you thought this was over with Leffingwell’s arrest, I’m sorry to inform you, but we are only in Act II. Grab some popcorn, maybe a cold beer (the real cool people have beer for breakfast), and charge your cell phone battery. While we we know where Clyde is, Bonnie is still out there. 

I know there are more questions than answers for now, for example, is there any money leftover, and if so, where is it? If not, how was it spent? Will Janelle actually be the face of Nashville Bike Week, or will we see more fake giveaways, unanswered questions, or just words on a screen promising the show will go on, ignore the haters, and the next location will be even better? Welcome to the world’s most visible and invisible motorcycle rally in the world. But my question is where did the 60 cows go?

nashville bike week location

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