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Updates on the Waco Twin Peaks Biker Shooting

In an today’s era of politics where up is down and down is up, there are even some situations that will leave you scratching your head and asking out loud “wtf?”

Battered McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna continues to double, triple, if not quadruple down. Apparently, Reyna has made no mistakes, makes no apologies, and if anything, just blames his opponents and detractors. So, either everyone is putting their careers, their livelihood, pensions, and freedom at risk in a mass conspiracy against Reyna, or…..


Thanks to Attorney Brian Bouffard, who is representing Jorge Salinas and Attorney Confrad Beyer who represents Billy Jason McRee, they filed a letter signed by Reyna, which seeks the pardon of the relative of one of his supporters. Again, this begs the question of Reyna providing selective prosecution and/or providing political favors for those who support him.

The pardon was filed on behalf of a felon convicted of drug charges. I’m not sure how common it is for a sitting District Attorney or State Prosecutor to seek a pardon of a convicted felon, but apparently in Waco, it’s just another day at the office and further confirmation of public corruption. Not to mention the conviction is for drugs and Reyna has been accused by multiple people of having a cocaine habit.

I did do a Google search just to confirm my suspicions and found nothing related. Of course, pardons are issued all the time by Presidents as they get ready to leave office and governors as well, but State Attorneys?


Per Reyna’s letter to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, the convicted felon’s “actions over the last several years have shown me that his past was an error in judgment and not an error in character.” I think a psychologist/psychiatrist is better qualified to make that determination, but what do I know.

In his interview with KWTX, Reyna stood by every word written in his pardon letter, even though the pardon wasn’t granted. And while Reyna believes the convicted felon”–has done a great job rebounding from his past mistakes,” obviously the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles disagrees. I wonder why?

This letter is based on the affidavit previously filed by Greg Davis, a former district attorney in Reyna’s office. Davis’ affidavit started it all with the allegations of public corruption and pay-for-play where favoritism was given to supporters.

Of course, Reyna had to throw shade on the Twin Peaks cases by stating that it has nothing to do with the pending trials. Of course not… Instead of practicing law, maybe a career in magic is a better fit. “Look over here at my right hand.”

At this point, there seem to be more investigations pending against Reyna and his office than the actual bikers.

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