On the Twelfth Day of Christmas- Biker Gift Guide

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By now you should probably have everything you need to prepare yourself for your next ride, which means after eleven days of gifts, we are down to our last day. So, for the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Let’s recap first.


  • On the Eleventh of Christmas you bought a gift card that could be used for just about anything, but definitely invest in chaps regardless of where you live.
  • On day ten, a Go Pro camera to document all those miles you log on your motorcycle.
  • On the ninth day, a battery tender to maintain your motorcycle battery’s charge, regardless of whether your motorcycle gets stored in the winter or not.
  • On the Eighth day you bought bag liners and luggage for the luggage rack.
  • For day Seven, a motorcycle helmet (his and hers).
  • For the Sixth day of Christmas, motorcycle riding boots! Think safety! Be practical! No sneakers!
  • For the Fifth day of the best holiday season you have ever had, motorcycle gloves both for cold and warm weather riding.
  • On day Four, you must watch the cult classic Easy Rider.
  • On the Third day of Christmas, the same way you bought a motorcycle helmet to protect your head, gloves for your hands, and boots for your feet/ankle, you bought proper motorcycle riding eye wear.
  • We are down to the first two days with the Second Day of Christmas being a bad ass motorcycle vest. Sorry, Jax Teller is not included.
  • And on the first day of Christmas, your truly gave to you- a gremlin bell! I don’t care what you think about superstitions, every biker has one and it beats a partridge in a pear tree every time!


With all this gear and looking good by the way, you only have one option left, and that is to ride. But, I’m not talking riding to your local bar for a burger and a beer or your local hokey bike night. I’m talking real riding. Out of town riding, out of state is even better. Trust me, road trips are fun, but nothing compares to an out of town motorcycle trip whether alone, with friends, or the one you love. The beer tastes colder at the end of the day and the steak is juicer, even the bed at the motel located in the middle of nowhere is the most comfortable bed you have ever slept on.

So, what are you waiting for? You work hard for your money, go out there and enjoy yourself.

I wish you all a great Christmas and holiday season!

MC Atty

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