On the Tenth Day of Christmas- Gift Guide for Bikers

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While hiking through Arches National Park, I saw this girl relaxing and taking selfies. Of course, I was terrified considering the height we were at, but nonetheless, I took a pic with the Go Pro since I thought it was cool.


I’m going to splurge a little with this gift idea for motorcycle riders, but I think it is not only cool, but also important and unfortunately, a legal necessity.

So, on the tenth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, a Go Pro Camera!


I originally purchased my Go Pro camera in 2015 for a cross-country motorcycle trip from Miami to Sturgis and back. I ended up writing a book about my trip titled 25 & 18 Riding Cross Country because I had so many cool pics and videos, that the idea came to write a book about it and share my experiences of camping, riding and traveling the country.

Since then, I’ve used my Go Pro for everything imaginable. I’ve taken photos and videos from underwater with my dog swimming over me. At parties with friends. On vacation definitely! I stayed once at a hotel in Orlando that was located next to a preserve, and it was cool to stick my camera underwater with lily pads floating above and little fish swimming by. And of course, I most definitely use it when I ride.

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Bella enjoying a Sunday in the pool.
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This shot is from half underwater at a nature preserve in Orlando.
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With an extra long selfie-stick, I was able to get close to the crane.


One of the reasons I recommend a Go Pro to motorcycle riders is because of safety and legal issues. I’ve seen enough videos on YouTube where a video is shown to a police officer confirming road rage or the like. With a smartphone, you can stream your camera videos to your phone, although newer versions of the Go Pro allow for an attachment on the back of the camera to see the recordings instantly.

And if you aren’t the most tech savvy person in the world, don’t stress it. Any photo editing software/app. on your computer is good enough and very easy to use. At first, editing videos seemed complicated, but there are an endless supply of YouTube videos that will guide you, so in no time I was able to edit and post simple videos online, including riding the Tail of the Dragon.

One thing, on my Honda VTX, I have the Go Pro affixed to the top of the handlebar, however, since my Harley likes to vibrate (no surprise there), the videos and pics won’t come out right, so you will need to attach the Go Pro to your helmet. Trust me, it will never come off!

Enjoy! Take a ton of pictures and create some videos and post them online. Let me know how it went.

MC Atty

The cover of my book was done by attaching the Go Pro to the crash bars. The photo was taken at the Dragon’s Tail at Deal’s Gap.


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