On the Seventh Day of Christmas-Gift Guide for Bikers

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Gift Guide for Motorcycle Riders

On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me….. a motorcycle helmet to protect my noggin.

I’ve always ridden with a motorcycle helmet and I feel naked without one. I know that plenty people like to take the position that motorcycle helmets are ineffective when it comes to safety and quote plenty of statistics, but I’ll make my decision to continue wearing one based on common sense. As long as the motors division in law enforcement wears one or the road continues to be harder than my head, I’ll wear one. But just in case, here is another blog based on a study performed in the state of Michigan.

With today’s technology, motorcycle helmets come in all shapes and sizes, and more importantly they are lightweight. I use a black carbon fiber half helmet that I forget I’m even wearing because it is so lightweight. I have held and worn helmets of friends of mine that were motormen and truthfully, those helmets felt like I was wearing a cinder block on my head.


Helmet styles are as follows:

Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

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Open-face motorcycle helmet

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Half Helmet

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Modern Technology Based Helmets

Besides standard helmets, there are now technological advancements with motorcycle helmets as well. Bluetooth motorcycle helmets allow you to listen to music whether from your cell phone or motorcycle itself. It can also be connected as a communication device with other motorcycle riders or your passenger. I have a friend that uses his Bluetooth connection to speak on the phone, but for obvious reasons I recommend against that. If your text messages while driving can wait, so can that phone call while riding your motorcycle.

The next level of motorcycle helmets are HUD (Heads UP Display) helmets. HUD helmets have a digital display/holographic image that shows speed, navigation, communication, and can even take photos and videos. Some styles have the heads up display built into the mask, but newer models allow it as an attachment. While I haven’t tried a HUD helmet, one feature that I love and think will be great for motorcycle riders riding through the city is the rear camera that appears on the heads up display, allowing you to see any cars that are to close to you, or even better, when you are waiting at traffic light and it looks like the car coming behind you isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Make sure you understand lane positioning to better protect yourself.  Here is a prior blog on HUD helmets.

Click here to know which states require motorcycle helmets.

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