On the Eleventh Day of Christmas- Biker Gift Ideas

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On the Eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me….

Now, this was a difficult one to answer because I still have a million more ideas, but, considering that tomorrow I finish the Twelfth day and I know what it is in advance, my suggestion includes a Part B.

So, on the Eleventh day of Christmas, I would recommend a gift card whether from a motorcycle dealer or an online retailer.  And with that gift card, I would purchase chaps.

No matter where you live, even here in south Florida, there will come a day if not more that chaps will be necessary. I admit, I’ve only used mine one time, although there should have been a second time, but I was caught by surprise by a cold front riding back from Orlando and the only thing I could find to keep me warm was filling up my jeans and jacket with newspaper.

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I told you I wasn’t kidding.

Now, if you don’t need chaps, that’s fine, but trust me, a gift card will be put to good use whether for maintenance or adding upgrades, even if it is another piece of chrome, because the reality is you can never have enough chrome.

There are plenty of large online retailers that specialize in biker gear and products, so just do a quick search online, if not, just buy it at your local motorcycle dealer and even if your man’s mechanic is a mom/pop operation, trust me, he will love the idea. There’s always maintenance to be done.

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