On the Eighth Day of Christmas- Biker Gift Guide

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Don’t you feel like riding away this weekend on your motorcycle?

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me, motorcycle luggage!

Remember how much you enjoyed that spur of the moment weekend retreat? Maybe lunch became an overnight stay in Key West as you drive your car over the 7 Mile Bridge with the Altantic Ocean on your left and the Gulf of Mexico on your right. Maybe it was ride through meandering roads, stopping in small towns to buy antiques. Great memories, right? Well, it’s even better on a motorcycle.


Sure your motorcycle may have saddlebags, but are you going to have everything inside a trash bag from the local grocery store to put your clothes and toiletries in? Of course not! You must have liners that you can remove and easily carry with you. The same goes for a larger bag to put on your luggage rack.

I see motorcycles all the time, but nothing makes me think and wonder more than when I see a motorcycle with luggage strapped down. Where is that rider going? What are they going to see? I wish I could go.


So make sure to buy some luggage to take enough of your items for a day or two. Trust me, nothing better than a full day of riding and finding a motel in the middle of nowhere, just off a road you never heard of. Nothing beats riding into town after a shower looking for a place to eat. The food even tastes better and the beer is colder. Time is non-existent and your worries; well, they were left behind two hundred miles ago.

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