On the Second Day of Christmas…

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Jax Teller Sons of Anarchy

On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me… two turtle doves and… scratch that. That is boring! Bikers don’t want doves nor a partridge in a pear tree. We want motorcycle stuff! We couldn’t be easier to make happy when it comes to Christmas.

Yesterday, was the first day of Christmas. If you didn’t read that blog, here it is. But now, we have to move on. For the second day of Christmas, I recommend a motorcycle riding vest. Sorry ladies, but you don’t get Jax for Christmas.

Think about it. Vests look cool on both men and women. There are an endless amount to choose from. Some come with a patch on the back, some with no patches, and others full of patches. Plus, you can always add your own patches.

Some vests even have a liner inside to slide your gun in (how bad ass is that). Besides looking cool, on those days when the temperature is a little cooler, the vest is perfect to keep you warm, plus it prevents your T-shirt from flapping around.

Where to buy vests also makes it a good gift as well. You can buy as always at any dealer, but I would stay away from dealers since it could get pricey. Just shop online whether at Amazon or the endless amount of online motorcycle stores.

Go ahead, get that vest. You know you want to.

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