Camping in Oak Mountain, Alabama


To put it simply, we have a bad relationship with Alabama. It is a relationship that does not work.

After leaving Falling Waters State Park, since it was a long day the night before, we were to cut the second day in half, still giving us plenty of time to reach our final destination- Moab, Utah. So, our second day was to be spent in Talladega National Forest. We looked forward to it and by the photos we saw, it looked like the perfect park; the only problem was finding it.

Two cell phones with Google maps and a car GPS, and it took us through this never-ending dirt and gravel road. We knew this couldn’t be the route as we figured a National Park would have a perfectly groomed path/paved road. Well, after passing several abandoned properties with eyes spray-painted on the walls and the words “we are watching you,” visions of Jason with a machete came to mind. However, as luck would have it, here came a truck.

We asked for directions and when the passenger who was the wife tried to speak, her husband shut her up! Okay… He said to turn right at the fork and that would lead us to the campgrounds. We did just that, but instead, we come across another truck so I stopped and asked him if he knew how to get to the campgrounds and he replied that he was also lost, but that the truck in front of him was taking him there. Well, that driver and kind gentleman jumped in his truck just to help them. We were on the road directly in front of his house. What a nice guy. He will get us out of here; sort of. This guy proceeded to drive between 40-50 mph through the dirt, gravel, and muddy road, so of course, pulling our teardrop camper, we couldn’t keep up. We gave up, and took the road back out to the main road.

Common sense is kicking in now, so we stopped at two gas stations and asked for directions. Neither clerks knew what we were talking about even though according to Google maps, they were either in or on the border of Talladega National Park. Time to keep going west.

About 70 miles later, we came across Oak Mountain located in Pelham, Alabama. According to their Youtube video, this place was amazing! It even had a golf course. Well, once we checked in, I wasn’t too excited about the $40 price tag. Estes Park with views of the Rockies was $35, so, I’m not sure how they came up with such a steep price tag. And for that price, the bathrooms shouldn’t look like the inside of a crack house.

I didn’t get to choose my site, so the attendant gave me a pull-through site surrounded by trailers and rv’s, even though there were empty and secluded sites at the end of the campground like I requested. So far, it hasn’t been a good day. Then came the rain. Then came the bad moods. Then came the arguing.

On a positive note, the campers were all friendly, and several came to us to check out our teardrop, but the next day, I had to deal once again with Flyzilla. You can see what I am talking about in the pic below and this video link. I met Flyzilla in Mark Twain State Park last year in Missouri, and suffice to say, I fear Flyzilla.


Well, after a good meal thanks to Anny and several beers later, we were good for the night.

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