Night Wolves M.C. Russia and Vladimir Putin

vladimir putin motorcycle club
Vladimir Putin and the leader of the Night Wolves MC


I came across a television show the other day titled “Uncensored” with Michael Ware, that is being aired on the Nat Geo channel.

The host of the show, Ware, is the real deal when it comes to journalism. He spent years working for CNN and reporting on the Iraq War, and not from the comfort of an air-conditioned office, but from the trenches.

I recorded the show because a one hour episode was about the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club. Since I never heard of them, I figured I’d watch it. I’m glad I did.

The Night Wolves is an m.c. with multiple chapters, including in Russia and the Ukraine. The club is led by Alexander Zaldostanov, who is known as The Surgeon because at one point, he was a dental surgeon. What’s interesting about the Night Wolves is their ties to Putin, who has been very supportive of the club. The Night Wolves are funded by Putin and the Kremlin, and even received recently a large parcel of land for almost nothing. Putin has even visited their clubhouse and has ridden with them on a Harley Davidson trike.

putin riding motorcycle
Vladimir Putin riding with Night Wolves MC

The Night Wolves MC has even taken up arms in the past with Russia, especially with the war in Donbass and Crimea. This is a motorcycle club supported by the Kremlin, that is active politically and fights the war alongside Russia. Think about that for a minute. Let that sink in…

Even more interesting, considering it is Russia, I wasn’t aware until now how Russians, even the motorcycle club, have a deep religious faith in Christianity. Their club even has a member that is motorcycle riding monk. I believe he rides a Yamaha V Star.

Usually, motorcycle related segments and documentaries are all the same, especially if based on the motorcycle clubs in the United States, but, this is definitely a segment and motorcycle club with an added twist.

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