Night Time Ride

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Nothing like a night ride in the middle of nowhere!


A few weeks ago I was invited to speak to a riding group about safety tips and motorcycle riding. First and foremost, the group was mostly snowbirds. Of course, snowbirds by definition means you are retired and most likely older. But, that’s the thing; I found it interesting that their passion for motorcycle riding had not ceased with age and that they continue to look forward to leaving the brutal winters behind them to ride in sunny south Florida.

Because of this presentation on safety, I got to do something that I rarely do these days; and that is enjoy a quiet nighttime ride.

Now, we have all ridden at night and may do so regularly, but I’m talking about that nighttime ride where it is just you and the road, and the more isolated the better.

Anny came with me and we rarely ride alone these days. Because of our riding group, M.S.A.R. (Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Riders), if we aren’t scheduling our own rides with the group, we are riding with others. Thus, group rides have become the norm and alone rides are rare. However, that just means our alone rides are more appreciated.

It was many years ago that I would jump on my Honda Goldwing motorcycle after ten p.m. and ride a couple of hundred of miles┬áto get away from all my problems. My motorcycle got me through those difficult times and I’m sure it has done the same for you. But riding again on a desolate road just me and Anny, surrounded by dark skies, yeah, I miss that.

Note to self- do it more often.

Ride safe my friends and let me know about your nighttime ride.

MC Atty

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2 thoughts on “Night Time Ride

  • December 13, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    Good to know you are back on the road. I will actually be in SW later this month, but driving this time. But, I did ride as far as Estes Park Colorado in 2015

  • December 13, 2016 at 3:02 am

    Great reading,, enjoy each and every one. Riding has become my life once again, I rode as part of my work for several years in southwest Colorado, great times and good memories.

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