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Anytime you go to a biker rally with Yogi Bear, you know you are in for a good time.


Well, as we all know by now, multiple media outlets have reported that Nashville Bike Week is not being held in any way, shape or form at the Grand Ole Opry. Of course, this isn’t much of a surprise anymore than me predicting he would submit his application for the Mass Gathering Permit incomplete (not ordinance as Mike Leffingwell keeps calling it).  It was so incomplete, he didn’t even bother to sign it.

Of course, I mentioned that doing so would be another felony. Come to think of it, he should have signed it; he had nothing to lose. But then again, the lease agreement wasn’t signed by the landowner either.

So, besides the threats of more lawsuits, what is Plan D? I’ll really go out on a limb here and predict the next steps.


Option 1- For one, he has threatened bankruptcy. I’ve already blogged about that. Just click here for more information. If he says bankruptcy, he’ll add a disclaimer- refunds will be issued to his loyal, yet naive followers. To be clear, he doesn’t make those decisions. A trustee would decide who gets what and how much after they take their one-third cut.

Option 2- “Tail of the Dragon.” There is an event I believe ending the same day or the day before Nashville Bike Week is to begin. I’ll skip that option. That’s six hours away from the original location. It would end up in more refund requests and it is a logistical nightmare. Not to mention every band will be able to walk out as well.

The top echelon bands like Gene Simmons (who no longer has NBW on his calendar) has to approve the site, which is a standard contract clause. So, once the event was moved from Loretta Lynn’s Ranch, Simmons would void the contract and say if you want me to go to Location B, it’s a new contract and new deposit since you breached the original contract. Then again for Location C (Grand Ole Opry). Now moving to Tail of the Dragon is Location D, fourth new contract and fourth deposit!

The smaller bands will say “we quoted you a price on Location B & C, and Location D is further away, so we need more money,” or they void the contract as well. Besides, like I mentioned before, anyone Nashville Bike Week is giving deposits to, they are taking it. It’s free money.

Of course, logically speaking, Nashville Bike Week is saying they lost the lease/contract due to the “haters” harassing them. Yeah right. Like a few phone calls and emails have that much power over a worldwide hotel chain. Trust me, I’m sure they have had much more controversial figures at their location than Mike Leffingwell. He should just call “Bobby” to take care of it for him.

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Let me know who’s butt I need to kick?

Now, Mike Leffingwell, aka Mike Axhole, could just simply post the contracts online and prove everyone wrong. But, he said he doesn’t have to prove anything. LOL. Really? O.J. Simpson has less to prove than him. Regardless, he proceed to state that there is confidential information on those contracts so that is why he won’t post it. Okay….

Forget the “infamous” car pulled over on the side of the road Facebook Live Video a few months ago, where he was flashing contracts he had signed with everyone. Of course, he flashed those contracts faster than Quicksilver in “X-Men Days of Future-Past” could have.

x men characters

Option 3- Due to the entire state of Tennessee being a hater, he’s moving this out of Tennessee, especially after burning one too many bridges crossing the Cumberland River. Maybe Kentucky, if not Wisconsin. Repackage the idea/concept under Janelle Roberts, which apparently is the new face, voice, and now Vice President of Nashville Bike Week.

a wolf in sheeps clothing
Be aware!

Janelle has her own legal issues she is facing because of all this. Of course, this does buy them more time, but the internet sleuths of Unofficial: Nashville Bike Week Scam Page will figure all that out within an hour. They knew about Jellystone a week in advance of it being posted and they decided to stay quiet on purpose. Trust me, I was let inside their inner circle briefly last week.

There are 46 people working together, divided into multiple groups, each given specific tasks and work on rotating shifts. The leaders of each group speak every morning with a conference call, decide the next step, then take it from there. No identities were revealed to me either in that conference call or the secret online chat room they have. Another secret they gave me: this isn’t their first rodeo. They have been doing this for years with a success rate of 100% and they backed up that claim with documentation. Come to think of it, they have been consistent in having everything documented and posted on the Scam Page.

One thing I learned from the Scam Page Group- they have played poker with much bigger, better, and more sophisticated. They are still sitting on a ton of information, waiting for the right moment to release it. I guess there is truth to the fact that while Nashville Bike Week is playing checkers, these guys and girls are playing chess. Their page can be thanked for the $60,000+ in refunds that has been issued.

we are anonymous

Option 4- I’ll Be Back

Arnold Schwarznegger Terminator
I’ll Be Back

He’ll post this is going to be bigger than the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and will be back in 2018. This gives him a year to line up his ducks. Mind you, he has said before this was 5 years in the making. Wow, 5 years for this? With 2018, you get an upgrade, 50% off, etc….

Mike, I’m giving you good advice again. You know the end game and delaying this another year doesn’t prevent criminal charges and warrants from proceeding. You can’t hide forever. Thousands of more “man hours” will be wasted that could be diverted elsewhere, and each dollar spent and hour wasted, just adds more weight to the wrong side of the scale.

MC Atty

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