Next Step- Nashville Bike Week Scam?

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Unfortunately, Nashville Bike Week may be looking more like a scam than a biker event that could be compared to the legendary Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and Daytona Bike Week.

I’ve been contacted by numerous people that are not receiving refunds as promised. When they ask for a refund as a charge back on their credit card, they are told that they are using a new credit card service company, and so refunds can only be issued by a check that they never receive. Every time I post information regarding the event on my business page, comments are posted that besides not receiving checks, purchases for merchandise isn’t being received either.

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When it is not the refund issue, if you complain publicly on the Facebook Nashville Bike Week Page, you are blocked. Calls and emails also go unanswered.

Mike Axle, the convicted felon and promoter of the event, was supposed to turn himself in to legal authorities on Monday since he had several warrants outstanding. No one has been able to confirm that he did in fact turn himself in. This is a promise he has made numerous time and has failed to keep.

At this point, I suggest you contact the Humphrey’s County Sheriff’s Department to file your formal complaint. Click on the link that leads you to an online form to fill out. It should be noted that the Sheriff’s Department may not have the resources to complete a full-scale investigation. Thus, I recommend everyone gets organized, chip in a few dollars, and hire a private investigation firm to find him. I would also suggest consulting with an attorney to see what your options are regarding a lawsuit.

I wish you all the best of luck.

MC Atty

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