On the Sixth Day of Christmas

On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me…

So we have gremlin bells, riding eye wear, and vests. Add to that motorcycle riding boots.

Boots made for motorcycle riding serve a purpose. For one, they protect your ankle. Two, the bottoms should be slip resistant, meaning when you reach an intersection, your boots won’t slip out from under you because you happen to set your feet on a patch of oil. Finally, they look cool, too. No self respecting motorcycle rider should wear sneakers. Sneakers are for Jerry Seinfeld and jogging, not motorcycle riding.

Now, when I say boots, I’m not talking cowboy boots. I see a lot of riders with cowboy boots but the bottom of cowboy boots are usually very slippery. Make sure you look at the sole of the boot to confirm it is oil and slip resistant. There will be a stamp indicating as such, but you can tell just by looking.

I’ve bought most of my motorcycle boots online. If it is a day I will be walking a lot, I prefer to wear construction boots. Again, they are slip resistant, protect my ankles, and they are extremely comfortable. Even the steel toe versions. The good thing is that construction boots are very affordable. Motorcycle boots you can find online for about a $100 even though they prices could go as high as $300.

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