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My latest release is out. Hope you enjoy it. It is the beginning of a short series of novels. To purchase it, click the photo above.

Forced to leave the Marines Corp., Bobby Bryant is thrust into the world of narco-trafficking as an undercover police officer. Set in 1980’s Miami, Bryant infiltrates the cartel of Manolo Vazquez as his top bodyguard. Cuban-born Vazquez is Miami’s most powerful drug lord.

Living a double-life, Bobby meets Anny Carter. Bobby has to balance his life as a thug bodyguard for Vazquez, while at the same time protecting Anny from the dangers of his undercover work.

Bryant’s success comes hard and fast, that is until Mandy Robbins, former Prosecutor from the J.A.G. Corp. and now division chief in the Miami State Attorney’s Office, seeks to prosecute Bryant for any crimes he may have committed while working undercover. Robbins’ revenge dates back to Bryant not being court-martialed as a Marine. As Prosecutor Robbins has Bryant arrested, once again, he vanishes.

“Bobby Be Good” is the first of the Bobby Bryant series.

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