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Nebraska lawmakers started off their session by wanting to provide motorcycle riders the choice of whether to wear a helmet or not. The bill would eliminate the requirement of wearing a motorcycle helmet for those over the age of twenty-one. This was not Nebraska’s first attempt at eliminating the law that supporters argue is about personal freedom. Last year they almost succeeded, but for a filibuster and one vote.

It’s All About the Dead Presidents

Supporters argue that eliminating the mandatory use of motorcycle helmets would increase tourism revenue. I’m not sure why this argument keeps being made, but it is. Forget the fact that Nebraska wants your money more than it cares for your personal safety. I cannot imagine a person riding around an entire state just to avoid putting on a helmet. I think it is more important to learn how to ride a motorcycle since the reality is most riders don’t.


Of course, Nebraska legislators should also focus on how many people are towing their motorcycles to South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and that may be why they are losing tax dollars. Besides, if they really want to ride Sturgis’ coattails, how about doing an event a few days/week before the rally to get people to stay there. It will help somewhat, even though the reality is people want to get to the legendary Sturgis rally and not hang out anywhere else. That’s nobody’s fault. I’ve been to Sturgis twice and I never spent more than one night at a location because I was in a hurry to get there.

Opponents of the bill cited National Center for Injury Prevention and Control which studies show that non-helmet wearing motorcycle riders are less likely to have health insurance. There is also the increased chance of brain injuries and fatalities when riding without motorcycle helmet. Which brings up another point: there is no such thing as a free lunch.

If a motorcycle rider has an accident, there is never enough health insurance. Trust me, I practice personal injury law and bankruptcy. Even if the person has insurance, there isn’t 100% coverage. And how much insurance does the other vehicle have? So who ends up paying for this? State and county funded hospitals (tax dollars). And since the rider isn’t going to work that following Monday if the accident is serious enough, they will lose their job, maybe even more like their house. Who pays for that? The federal government when they start asking for Medicaid, welfare, and the like.
Common sense dictates that if a state wants to eliminate motorcycle accidents, then improve riding skills. Educate the public on and enforce strictly texting and distracted driving. Educate motorcycle riders to control their alcohol intake.Luckily, the bill was short by three votes short.

Below is a simple exercise that I’m sure ninety-percent of weekend warriors cannot do.

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