Nashville Bike Week- Prove Us Wrong!

mike axle nashville bike week

The above photo was taken on the WKRN news website. Click here for that report.

Since we really don’t know what is going on with Nashville Bike Week, especially since the promoter, Mike Axle (real name Mike Lewis Leffingwell who was convicted and did prison time for fraud and theft) is hiding these days, I figured out a quick and easy way to rest our minds and go back to dreaming about attending the event.

Mike Axle no longer promotes in my motorcycle Facebook group page M.S.A.R., because I did post last week that I would no longer allow posts from Nashville Bike Week until this situation was resolved. He has also blocked me on Facebook, so obviously he knows who I am. And since hell will freeze over before he does a Q & A with me, my solution to all this is very simple.


Mike, since you are promoting a massive event, then why not just promote it? When you are not busy opening & closing your personal page multiple times a day, you are on the constant defensive on your event page unless you are busy deleting comments that you don’t like. By the way, I never delete comments no matter how much I get bashed on social media or even my blog.

Anyway, my challenge to you is promote your event and you can do it for free with Facebook Live. Think about it, go on there right now and do a Facebook Live post from the event location, surrounded by your staff.

Interview staff on Facebook Live. Do Facebook live when you sign another contract with a vendor. Do Facebook Live as you finally enter the county offices and apply for permits. While you are at it, take selfies too. Who doesn’t take selfies these days? The cover of this post is one of your selfies (sort of), so I know you don’t mind taking photos. There’s another one at the end of this paragraph.

Ignore the fact though that I got your selfie from a website known as Oh, and don’t click the link. It leads you to the site where several different rip-off reports were written about you, whether from your former motorcycle building company or your concrete company. No one needs that kind-of negativity in their life. They are probably just haters throwing shade on you.

nashville bike week 2017


Now, if I were running that event, I’d have a ton of up-to-date photos posted on both my personal and event page. I would have photos of meetings, photos with the Sheriff, photos of me shaking hands with sponsors, politicians, photos of me walking the property (the one that was supposed to be confirmed last Friday), photos of me doing anything and everything! It’s an event! It requires promotion to get more tickets sold than the 4,700 you already did sell, or is it 20,000, or 200,000? I’m sorry, but I lose track because I have seen and heard so many different amounts.

Anyway, you can skip the media interviews which I would be doing, and do Facebook Live instead. With an event this big, you are guaranteed to be given a key to the city. I’ve always wanted a mayor to hand me a key to the city. How cool would that be? I know all my friends and family would be proud of me if they saw that. I want to live vicariously through you. Do it! Get the key to the city. Great photo op. And of course, do it on Facebook Live! Tag me in the pic (once you unblock me)!

One thing before I go, what do I tell all the people inboxing me and sending me emails about getting refunds or that comment on my business page? Do I tell them to not to hold their breath?

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