My First Time- Honda Goldwing

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This is the model, but not the Honda Goldwing I saw personally.

I was eleven years old. It was the summer of ‘83 and I was hanging out in the backyard of a friend of the family’s home. I use to love going to his house since he had several pets which included parrots, dogs, and two monkeys. However, I really went for the pool since that was the only way to cool off during the summer in south Florida.

During one visit, for no particular reason other than I was playing detective by myself, I went through the side of the house since I was ‘chasing a suspect.’

“What the……”

There she was. She was huge! I have never seen anything like it before in my life! Prior to that moment, motorcycles never interested me, however, this was no regular motorcycle! This was a Goldwing! I never knew motorcycles came in size Millennium Falcon. It even had a cassette deck! The only thing cooler than this was the Bandit’s T/A in Smokey & the Bandit and that was also black! It was at that moment, I knew I would one day buy a motorcycle, and it would be a Honda Goldwing.


Fast forward to 2005- I went to a local Honda motorcycle dealer minutes from my home ready to buy my Goldwing, however, the dealership refused to sell me the model I wanted. The manager would only sell what was on the showroom floor, then he would bring out the other models. This, after admitting to me he had the model I so desperately desired. Weird! Incompetence. Moronic. You get the picture.

However, Karma paid me back though when I purchased my Honda VTX 1800 Tourer. I scoured the country looking for my current model, and after months of searching, she was only two miles from my house the whole time. Thank you Motorcycle Gods.

Moving on to the next dealer, I called the Rick Case Honda Powerhouse dealer in Davie, Florida and asked “do you have a titanium gray 25th Anniversary Edition Goldwing?”


“Put my name on it, it’s mine, I’ll be there in forty-five minutes to pick it up.” And so I did. One problem: I never rode a motorcycle before. Time to make one more call.


“Yeah bro. What’s up?”
“Have your wife drop you off here at Rick Case. I just bought a motorcycle and I don’t know how to ride one.”

“What? You—“

“Just get over here, I don’t have time for this.”


I have asked guys about their first motorcycle story and their “first time” with a girl. The motorcycle story is always more vivid, told with more passion, and honestly, more interesting. But to us, that is our most important “first time.” We even give our rides names, mostly female names. It’s a love affair only other bikers know and understand.

Truth be told, before my first bike, I use to hear others talk about their motorcycles and I use to think what idiots! “The freedom. The wind in my face. Wind and/or cycle therapy.” Blah… blah… blah… What nonsense!

But, now it all makes sense- if I have to explain, you would never understand.

MC Atty

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