My First- 2013 Honda Phantom Motorcycle

Honda Phantom, Indian motorcycles
Captain America Rides Again

Below is an article written by one of the readers of this blog, Rafael Borrero from Miami, Florida. Now if I can only convince him to let me ride his Indian.


I’ve only been riding for 18 months now and already have quite a few stories to share. The best one is the first one, how this all started for me….

In January 2016, I happened upon a news article online that talked about the decline in sales for Harley Davidson but that they were rolling out a new new models targeting the younger crowd (for you HD fans, it was the CVO Pro Street Breakout and a Low Rider S). Flashback to 2003….my manager just bought himself a 100 year anniversary 2003 Wide Glide. I was in my 20s at the time and in awe of the bike. I thought to get a HD myself, saw the prices and looked at Honda but the economics of my low salary prevented the purchase. Besides, I wanted to buy my first home.

Now back to 2016. Remembering how much I loved the HD, I started looking into the HD line. Again, the pricing of the bike vs salary nixed the idea of buying a new Harley, but wait….I don’t even know how to ride a bike, so the search for a riding school began.

Took me a few days of research but I found a school in Ft Lauderdale that would teach me to ride over the weekend. Great , but what is a guy to do after the class is over….buy a bike, of course!!

At this point buying used made sense economically, though I decided against buying a HD because EVERYONE seems to have one (sorry for the blasphemy here). I was down to looking for a Honda Shadow, Phantom, or a Suzuki Boss c50 since I love the blackout look and am not a big fan of chrome (blasphemy, level 5, yes I know).

Two weeks before my class, I found a 2013 Phantom used at a not-to-be named dealership. The pricing was good but I still haven’t taken my class yet – suppose I decided that motorcycles weren’t for me?

That Monday before my weekend class, that same bike’s price dropped by $800. I was drooling, that was  a 10% drop. By Wednesday, I was in that dealership signing the papers. What happened to the doubt of maybe not liking motorcycles? I thought to myself Tuesday morning “f*** it, you know you will like it”.

Since I couldn’t ride it home Wednesday, the dealer offered to deliver it for free Thursday. Thursday afternoon, I left work early to welcome home my new family member.

Indian Phantom, Indian Motorcycles

The motorcycle comes and my brother, who lives nearby,  decides to drop by unexpectedly (somehow he sensed a change in the force!). The delivery guy put the motorcycle in the garage and leaves. My brother says “well, start her up”. I reply, “I don’t know how to” (since I haven’t taken the class, looked at YouTube or at the bike’s manual). The delivery guy returned since he left some paperwork behind and I, with embarrassment, ask “how do you start this up”?

18 months later and 5,000 miles later, that Phantom now belongs to my brother, I am now a proud owner of an Indian Scout 60….and still not going to get a HD!

Indian Motorcycles, Indian Scout, Indian Phantom

Rafael Borrero


Well said Rafa. None of us forget our first time. It was actually my first blog. Ride on brother.

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