My Favorite Motorcycle Ride – Part III

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Snake Road Florida

Now I’m down to my favorite ride by myself. Like the other two categories before this one, it will not be an easy choice.

I first started riding in 2005 and there have been a lot of solo rides. Oddly enough, I never made the time to ride by myself out of state. Regardless, I think my favorite ride by myself was my first trip to Daytona where I was meeting a friend in Orlando to ride together to Biketoberfest.

I was suppose to leave on a Friday and meet up with him in Orlando. However, the Wednesday before, I was expecting a client to visit me at the office because her case was closed and she had to pay off her balance. Once I confirmed she was on her way to the office, I told myself that if she paid me in cash, I would leave for Orlando that day. Mind you, Orlando is only 252 miles away.

As luck would have it, the client did pay me in cash. I ran out the door and I have never packed my bike so fast. By the time I left, it was around 2 p.m., but I could sneak in a couple of hundred miles. However, I wasn’t going to ride to Orlando since my friend was still two days away from meeting up with me.

The first day I made it just past Sebring, Florida, about 175 miles out. I had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then went back to the hotel where I relaxed and watched movies on HBO. For the next day, I had no clue where to go, so with my phone, I started going online to figure out a route. I came across a scenic road that led straight to US 441 North and Yeehaw Junction, and there was a historic restaurant/hotel there called the Desert Inn. The Desert Inn is a registered historic landmark with the land records dating back to the 1880’s, prior to that, it may have been a trading post.

The Desert Inn was a great choice and I have gone back there several times either with Anny or with my motorcycle riding group. The burgers were the best and the beer is always ice cold. Last time I went, they were closed due to finances, but I hope, like many other bikers, that it reopens.

I ended up in Orlando a day early. I had dinner at Boston Lobsterfest where you can have all you can eat lobster and it quickly became one of my favorite places to eat.

Knowing my friend would not arrive until late on Friday, I spent my Friday riding around the Orlando area.

We all have our favorite rides alone, with friends, and a loved one. Which are your favorites?

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Port Mayorca Lake Okeechobee Florida, honda vtx 1800
Overlooking Lake Okeechobee


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