Murder for Hire? Pagans MC

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Docotr James James Kauffman Linwood< New Jersey (left), standing outside his house. April Kauffman Radio Host (right).
Photo courtesy of the Inquirier Daily News

Straight of a Sons of Anarchy episode, there is a twisted, real life murder for hire involving a doctor and a Chapter President of the Pagans MC.


April Kauffman

April Kauffman was a local businesswoman who hosted a weekly radio talk show and was an advocate for military veterans, even having received the Governor’s award for outstanding community service.


James Kaufffman,

Doctor James Kauffman was a successful endocrinologist in Linwood, New Jersey. He was married to April Kauffman. He is currently being held on weapons charges because when law enforcement was executing a search warrant in his Egg Harbor Township Medical Office, he pulled out a 9 mm and said “I’m not going to jail for this!” A hostage negotiator persuaded him to surrender.


Ferdinand “Freddy” Augello

Fred Augello is known in the local music scene and played guitar with a local band called Who Dat. Augello owned a business called Freddymade Guitars and he is a Chapter President of the Pagans MC.


The Confidential Informant

More on him later, but suffice to say for now, the Confidential Informant has Augello implicating himself, the Pagans, and James Kauffman in multiple crimes.


Francis Mullholland

A hitman that died of a drug overdose.


 Paul Pagano/Tabitha Chapman

Paul Pagano and Tabitha Chapman are facing racketeering charges and Chapman is believed to be involved romantically with Augello.


The Plot

April wanted to divorce James and when he disagreed with the divorce, she threatened to expose his Oxycontin drug operation. Prosecutors say James conspired with Augello to murder his wife and that Auguello and Kauffman were partners in the Oxycontin drug ring. Prosecutors allege that the drug distribution ring was run in conjunction with the Pagans Motorcycle Club.

Affidavits filed in court reads that James Kauffman wrote out prescriptions for Oxycontin to Augello and other members of the Pagans who in return paid Kauffman in cash as well agreeing to kill April in order to continue the drug ring.

Augello apparently spent months trying to find someone that would kill April, even approaching members of the Pagans that rejected the offer, and that’s where Francis Mullholland comes into play.

Mullholland entered Kauffman’s home, the doors were left open, and that is when he shot April twice, killing her. Mullholland was believed to have received $20,000 for the murder, but later died of a drug overdose.

Auguello allegedly also made plans to have Kauffman killed in order to avoid being implicated.


This past week, all the parties involved made their first court appearances after the case lay dormant for five years.
Prosecutors are claiming they have Augello recorded numerous times admitting to the murder of April Kauffman and the drug operation.

“A confidential informant has had numerous recorded conversations with Ferdinand Augello and other individuals who have admitted to the details of the ‘enterprise’ including prescription fraud and the murder of April Kauffman.”

Prosecutors also claim that there are other recorded conversations of Augello planning to kill Kauffman while he awaits trial inside the Atlantic County Jail, resulting in additional charges of conspiracy to commit murder.

Originally, it was a mafia member would kill Kauffman in jail, but when that plan failed, a co-conspirator advised Augello that he had someone else that would kill Kauffman at the Atlantic County Justice Facility.

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